Bubble Tea Pass = TPass

Calling all boba lovers: TPass is a quick and easy way to get boba ahead for pickup, along with earning rewards.

What is TPass?

TPass is currently one of the most popular boba drinks order app in the Bay Area. This is also the first and only service app in the market that focuses on serving local and chained boba shops.

Here are some main features:

Why it’s a great product

A lot of boba shops are already having their own app/ pick up service app/ own website to place order and why TPass?

Focused UI

You got to admit that some ordering website is not user-friendly at all… Not only that you have to find your way to navigate every individual online ordering website, create an account for them, manually input your credit card info every time, zoom in and out to make sure you fill in everything. Phew! 20 minutes has passed, you just successfully placed your orders.

Through our TPass app, we’re simplifying your ordering process. You can place an order in little as 3 steps from pick your items to place your order.

Save Time and Money

Nobody likes waiting in lines, do you? Now you don’t need to. You can save time and money while racking up rewards and special offers. All the boba shops just all in one app.

Order ahead is bringing extra 40% sales to boba shops — It allows boba shops to have more space capacity for existing users who like to order traditionally, it doesn’t scare away with any users who avoid to wait in line.

Photo by HalGatewood.com on Unsplash

No Mark Up Fee

Most delivery apps charge a rate of 15% to 30% to the businesses. They more focus on delivery, less focus on pick up. Therefore, businesses need to increase their price on the service platforms.

However, there’s no mark up fee/ service fee in the TPass app. Because we encourage users to pick up in-store. We want to bring more foot traffic to the businesses. The drinks shouldn’t taste water down. You don’t need to order more to meet the minimum delivery threshold. You pay in the TPass app is exactly the same as what you pay in store.

Compare to their competitors, what’s TPass’s selling point?

Like any product, there’s always competitor. There are a variety of options, with many apps offering pickup service. What makes TPass different from other apps? I will group our competitors into 3categories.

Delivery Service Apps

Apps like Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, Postemates, Hungry Panda, Fantuan, etc. They’re more focusing on delivery rather than pick up. No built-in rewards' system. High commission and extra service fees.

Pick-Up Service Apps

Apps like Snackpass and Ritual — Snackpass focuses on college students and university campuses. Ritual focuses on users who work in the financial district in the major cities. While both have built-in rewards system like TPass, TPass partners with boba shops in everywhere with larger user market. You’ll use TPass as long as you drink boba!

Loyalty Programs

Apps like Fivestars and Loyalti — Fivestars have extensive services, but it comes with higher subscription price, up to $300/ month. Loyalti is a much affordable option, but what they can offer is also limited. TPass basic loyalty program is free to all boba shops, and it gets most of the job done. TPass premium loyalty program is $50/ month, and it provides all the services that local boba shops’ owners need.

TPass, the first mobile pick-up service app dedicated for boba shops. We’re on a mission to help our local and independent boba shops thrive.

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