How TPass Helps Bay Area Local Boba Shops Deliver Exceptional Pick Up Experience

3 min readApr 23, 2021


Never would have thought a 20 years-old local boba shops in Oakland Chinatown, California has adopted new digital technology — using online-ordering tools like TPass that allowed customers to place orders ahead and pick up drinks in-store.

Costumer interests in online order and curbside pickup had exploded during Covid-19 pandemic. While large chains like Peets Coffee, Dunkin’, McDonald’s have already established their own apps and curbside pick up programs long before, local businesses can offer similar services when they have access to the right tools.

Differences between other pick-up platforms, TPass provides the Starbuck App experiences to boba tea drinker. The TPass app provides a user-friendly mobile experience that is inviting and innovative. This including virtual menu (scan-to-order), digital wallet, in-app/store rewards program.

Mobile Ordering

Order Ahead

Order ahead and pick-up in-store with no more queue waiting, no more time-wasting. The drinks will be ready by the time you arrive.

Scan-to-order solutions

Scan TPass QR code (Support App Clips & Google Instant App) in the storefront to skip the line and pay with mobile pay! Without downloading app or and open URL in a browser. TPass QR code allows customers to scan, select, order and pay seamlessly.

Earn Rewards

Digital Stamp Card

Earn points at every boba shops in one-stop solutions. Keep track rewards in real time.

Redeemable Points

Earn redeemable points to redeem at boba stores or on TPass app. It offers wide range of options and easy redeemable threshold.

TPass Membership

2 drinks for $5.99 monthly

TPass membership is an ultimate best deal for all boba drinkers. You can redeem your qualified drinks to any participated stores. Even you don’t use it this month, the free drink will be carried over to next month, never wasted!


Instant Access in One Click

Purchase gift cards anytime anywhere in the app and send it to friends & families instantly.

Discount Store Gift Card

Shop for exclusive discount store gift card only available on TPass!

Purchase Gift Cards for your business

TPass will help you get started with a design that truly represents your business, and you can also add any personal touch and adjustment with no fees.

Email to get started!

Some fun facts about TPass

  1. TPass is the FIRST app in the market that dedicated to boba shop! ❤️
  2. We specialize in helping boba shop to get more in-store foot traffic 👣 and provide automotive marketing solutions 📊
  3. More than 90+ boba shops in the Bay Area has joined the TPass community, and we’re still expanding rapidly! ✨
  4. TPass is a small but mighty team of Asian Americans who strives to provide a unique service to boba shop that differentiates any ordering app in the market.




TPass, the first mobile pick-up service app dedicated for boba shops. We’re on a mission to help our local and independent boba shops thrive.