Order ahead your next bubble tea with TPass or its Scan to order

3 min readApr 21, 2021

If you have ever ordered bubble tea, you are familiar with the complicated ordering process. Most bubble tea stores have lots of drinks with various configurations: Green Tea? Black Tea? or Oolong Tea? Which Tea Flavor you want? Mango or Strawberry? 100% Sugar? 30% Ice or make it hot? Don’t forget the best part of bubble tea: Toppings! They have boba, grass jelly, egg pudding, taro, cheese creama…you name it! If you are shocked the first time when you try to order a bubble tea, now imagining doing that with 10 peoples are waiting in line behind you!

Long lines are some secret of the stores to keep their stores looking HOT! Long line to order, and long line to get your drinks. . But as a consumer, don’t you sometimes wish you can get your drinks faster so you can enjoy it with your friends! So am I. Time is more valuable, especially when you have kids. Hope stores can take note as well :-)

Well, if you like bubble tea, TPass is the godsend. TPass is the Starbucks app for bubble tea. You can order from any local bubble tea directly from the app and pick it up when it is ready. With TPass, you can order ahead based on my schedule and whereabouts. You can get in and out of the store with your drinks within 30 seconds. And you earn points and rewards which can be redeemed for free drinks later.

But what if you are at the store now? Well, check out the TPass’ QRcode which you can find at their partner stores. Instead of launching a slow website that requires you to signup and add your payment information to make an order, TPass’ QRcode brings up an instant app or app clips. You can order directly with a native app experience without downloading the app. You can pay directly with your apple pay or google pay. It is 10x faster than any scan to order on the market.

Don’t believe it? Try to scan the above code with your iPhone camera or android phone (Lens).

Today, you can order with TPass from 70+ bubble tea stores in the bay area. And we are adding more stores every week. You will find many familiar stores like T4, Happy Lemon, Milk Tea Lab, Sweet Moment, Ding Tea, TeaZen Tea, SweetHoney, TeaEra, RareTea, Hechha, Ha Tea, Hi Tea, TeaPlusTea, QTea Monster, etc. You will have exclusive access to the newest stores like Sana, Bubble Queen, Tong Sui, ChaCha, One More Boba, TopUpTea, etc. Who doesn’t love bubble tea? Don’t see your local stores on TPass, let us know.




TPass, the first mobile pick-up service app dedicated for boba shops. We’re on a mission to help our local and independent boba shops thrive.