Top 10 Best Brown Sugar Milk Tea you must try in the Bay Area!

3 min readJun 10, 2021


The masterpiece that started it all…

Brown Sugar Milk Drink is made with black tea, fresh milk, brown sugar tapioca. Its rich and creamy flavor combined is sure to send you straight to your happy place. We’ve gathered the top 10 Best Brown Sugar Milk Tea you must try in the Bay Area!

Tiger Sugar Boba Fresh Milk at 99% Tea House

Brown Sugar Milk at Who’s Tea (Newark)

Fresh Milk w/ Brown Sugar Boba at ATM Tea Bar

Brown Sugar Ice Milk w/ Grass Jelly at T4 Fremont

Dirty Milk Boba at Simplexitea

Brown Sugar Boba Milk at K Tea Cafe

Brown sugar pearl milk tea at Ding Tea (Alameda)

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk at Hi Tea

Handcrafted Brown Sugar Boba Milk at Tea So

Brown Sugar Milk Tea at Foam Tea House

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